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Laura Patterson, Lactation Consultant – Reviews

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“I had a number of issues to be resolved, including one abscess in each breast, and Dr Newman and the team (Laura and Lara have my heart) were nothing short of caring. They made everything they could so I would get the care and treatment I needed from the hospital, they would fit my appointment in the last minute and follow up with me often to know how I was doing. In summary, THEY CARE about your breastfeeding journey. This was the best medical treatment I ever got in Canada. We are doing well and it’s thanks to them.”

“You said, stop looking at a clock and pay attention to your baby. This was huge. It was a new skill to learn and it stuck. There are so many things I don’t know as a new parent, but this is the rule I need to follow – pay attention to him and follow his cues. And I think this is what I’ll need as a guide for the rest of my parenting. I definitely won’t always know what to do, but if I listen to him I’ll know when I need to ask for help and if I have the right answer. “