Crocheted Breasts

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In my spare time (hahahaha) and to relax, I enjoy crocheting. I taught myself at the ripe old age of 43 during the first of 2 foot surgeries. I used to knit before but I will never go back! One hook, only one loop to loose, what could be better!

And how to join my two loves: boobs and crochet?!? Why, making breast models. My newest design is a breast that can have a so called “normal” nipple (ALL nipples are normal, don’t get me started!) but also an inverted nipple. While a nipple that doesn’t stick out as far *may* be more tricky for a new baby, it doesn’t have to be, so get competent, hands on, support early! (and no, a nipple shield is NOT your only answer)

See pictures below for examples, many colours available. Please reach out for pricing. email me at to put in your order!

crocheted breast model