Home visits

Most visits can be accommodated the same day or within 24 hours with telephone support on what to do until my visit.  I try to schedule visits during feeding time, so let me know when baby ate last, if you are supplementing or not, and what methods you are using.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Most families prepare for the birth with weeks of classes, one of which is dedicated to newborn care and feeding.  The labour and birth will generally last under 48 hours, but breastfeeding happens every few hours for (hopefully) 6 months or longer.  Although breastfeeding is the physiologically normal way to feed human infants, it is both a skill and an art that takes time to get into the rhythm of. You and your baby are learning a new dance, listening and learning each others cues.

Classes will cover:

Benefits of skin to skin contact

Optimizing latching and positioning

How do I know if baby is getting milk?
Normal newborn behavior – feeding cues

How to tell if breastfeeding is going well, and what to do if it’s not.

Private or Group Classes Available. Class length: 3 hours.

Gift Certificates Available

Going to a baby shower? Not sure what to get? Home visits are always the right size and never go out of style. Every new family could benefit from some support in this area, and in the comfort of their own home.